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I have converted from a wheat eater to a rice eater and started with 1 Kg to 25 Kg bags of Royal Treat Basmati Rice. I like the length, aroma and the taste of true basmati rice.

Yasha Suri

Tried Upma from Sharp foods Suji and it turned out ot be really yum, making a South Indian feel so happy.

G.Suma , Hyderabad

Sharp Foods Poha is something you can relish and it tastes awesome.

Deepti Shah

I, Diljeet Singh, buy grocery items every month. This month my shopkeeper suggested me to buy Sharp Urad Sabut and Arhar Dal, though a little confused I thought my wife will kill me for not buying what she had written, but it worked and from now my wife truly believes in whatever I’m buying in grocery. Thank you Sharp

Diljeet Singh , Chandigarh

I’m a working professional in Delhi and very choosy about what I want to buy for my family. Since a couple of months, I’ve been buying Sharp Foods pulses from my near buy stores and I’m really happy with their quality and rates. To my surprise, a choosy homemaker, have started recommending this brand to my family and friends.

Gauri Verma , Delhi